All of our prices for adults, children and students are below. Identification might be required in some cases to qualify for a lower rate.

Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting insurance claims. All appointments must be paid in full, invoices can be sent out for individuals to claim back from their insurance company.

Cancellation charges apply.


Initial Consultation – 60 mins

Includes a full detailed case history, examination & treatment, if needed or appropriate. Please book this appointment if you have not been to us before, or are returning after 3 years or more.



Follow Up Session

You can choose the therapist and session length of your choice when it comes to booking.


£55 for 45 minutes

£65 for 60 minutes 

There is a £5 discount for children under 16 and students. Please call 01926 314031 to book

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Use our online booking tool and book your next osteopath session in just a couple of minutes.


SAVE 15%

If you are known to be classified as a key worker, we are delighted to offer you 15% off your next appointment.

SAVE up to 10% when you buy a block of sessions

Buy a block of 10 sessions and save 10% off the total cost of the usual price. Buy a block of 5 sessions and save 5%. 

Get £5 off your next session!

If you have referred us to your friends or family, as a thank you, we will give you £5 off your next session!

Cancellation Fees


Cancellation Charges & No Shows

Cancellations within 24 hours of an appointment will be charged at £25.  No-shows will be charged at the full rate.

What Our Patients Have To Say

“I have suffered with pain and stiffness in my joints and muscles for the last few years which was aggravated by a car accident. After just three osteopathy sessions I felt like I had been given a new lease of life. I am now largely pain free and with each session I look forward to further improvement in flexibility.  Thank you Rebecca!”

“Thank you so much for helping me with all my aches and pains and getting me walking properly again!”

“Being 6’6″ tall and not having the best posture, I’ve suffered with problems in my legs and lower back. With a few osteopathy sessions the majority of the pain has gone and this has allowed me to take part in a couple of charitable running events. I’m not built for running, but I could not have started any event without your treatment. Thank you.”

“Having ridden motorcycles since the late seventies and crashed them fairly frequently I have had problems with my neck and shoulders…this has also not been helped by tattooing at various angles over the last twenty years…Rebecca has dealt with these superbly, tattooing today had none of the usual aches and pains, I cannot believe the fluidity of my neck muscles and less tension in my shoulders, outstanding”

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